Background Of Kalamba Community Development Organization(KCDO)

Kalamba community Development organization hereafter referred to as KCDO is rural based a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization that has been working in Uganda since 1998.The aim is to reduce on the Health care and social economic injustices through the Health center and the community service departments established in the organization, Kalamba is among the leading organizations working with health and social economic empowerment working directly with over 25,000 vulnerable people in Butambala District and Central Uganda basically Children, women, People with HIV /AIDs, elderly, and youth.

The organization primarily focuses on promoting the rights to quality health care, and social economic empowerment services, also tackling the root causes of the injustices rather than just meeting people’s immediate needs.



Improved health, and social economic standards.


To ensure access to quality health care, social economic empowerment services by the targeted people in the region for the good health and sustainable development.


Respect for culture and values of the community, Recognizing the innate dignity and worth of all people and the value of diversity.

Accountability and transparency; We strive to be accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our dealings and communications with others.

Compliance with the organization’s culture and rules; As an organization we remain committed to our mandate, independent of any religious, party-politics or other partisan affiliation and influence.

Community focused, we believe in deliberately empowerment of the community women, youth, Elderly and people with HIV to meet their basic needs and to improve on their position, and have a strong commitment to the rights of children and other dependants.

Result oriented as an organization we committee the intended targets and goals.

Team work: we believe in combined efforts and innovations from our human resource for a collective responsibility and honour.


The following projects have been implemented so as to realize the intended objectives.

1. Medical treatment and care.
2. Restoration of hope.
3. Prevention of unintended pregnancies and loss of follow up on PMTC.
4. PMTCT and the Community Engagement.
5. Kalamba Children’s Parliament.

The a bove projects have been implemented through;

Increasing access to preventive, curative and Promotive quality health care services to the community people in the region.

Scaling up comprehensive HIV care, awareness, and testing services to the infected and affected communities.

Initiating economic empowerment programs for the alleviation of poverty among the community vulnerable for sustainable development.

Promoting partnerships with key leaders and implementing partners as a recognition that the achievement of the intended goals in single handedly.

Promoting Institutional development for improved organizational quality performance through employing local staff, trainings mentorships and orientations.


The management of Kalamba community Development organization of the Medical and Non-medical Senior Leadership Team headed by the Executive Director and this reports directly to the Governing Board.

Five people sit in the Governing Board whose members are drawn from the relevant professions and commitment. These comprise of the Board Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, one male Community representative one female community representative.


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